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    Getting Ready for the IELTS [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 6 days ago

    English is often considered to be the language of education and business across the world. If you are living in the U.S., but English is not your first language, taking ESL classes in Boston can help you get ahead academically, professionally, and socially. English is a notoriously difficult language to master, which is why expert instruction is a good idea. The IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, set the standard for four skills English language testing over 25 years ago. Over 2.2 million IELTS tests were taken worldwide last year, and it is recognized as an excellent indicator of overall English language proficiency in many different settings. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the IELTS and how you can prepare by taking English classes in Boston. Please share with your friends and family.  

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    What You Need on the Day of the TOEFL Exam

    Last updated 6 days ago

    When you register for the TOEFL exam, it’s important to thoroughly review all the information available on the registration website. You’ll learn about important requirements, such as arriving at least 30 minutes early for the test. You will also learn what you should bring to the testing center, in addition to what you’re prohibited from bringing. If you have any other questions about taking the TOEFL exam, consult your iBT TOEFL prep instructor or contact ETS.

    Registration Confirmation

    The day before the test, you should log into your online account, which you created when you registered for the TOEFL exam. Print your registration confirmation and bring it with you to the testing center. This notice contains your registration number, which you need to take the test. By logging into your online account, you’ll also be able to see whether any details about the test have changed, such as the start time.

    Identification Documents

    Bring at least two forms of acceptable identification with you to the testing center. These documents must be valid, or unexpired, and must feature your signature and a recent photo of you. The identification documents must have your full name, printed exactly as it appears on your TOEFL exam registration. Make sure to only bring original documents, not photocopies.

    Specialized Accommodations

    If you have a disability and require any specialized accommodations, you must contact ETS Disability Services before you register for the TOEFL exam. ETS allows reasonable accommodations whenever possible. For example, if you have diabetes, alert ETS Disability Services if you will need to bring beverages, food, or glucose tablets with you. Some examples of technical accommodations include screen magnification and an ergonomic keyboard. Some test takers may require specialized assistance, such as a sign language interpreter or a test reader, or adaptive accommodations such as a large print version or Braille version of the test.

    The iBT TOEFL prep instructors of ASC English can help you learn how to ace the TOEFL exam. Our intensive English programs in Boston have helped countless students gain admittance to American colleges and universities. If you have any questions about enrolling in our ESL classes, call (617) 860-3212.

    Creative Ways of Practicing Your English Skills

    Last updated 13 days ago

    There are countless ways of practicing your English skills outside of your ESL class. Consider asking your ESL teacher for suggestions. He or she might recommend changing the language settings on your browser, phone, and social media pages from your native language to English. Doing so can help you learn how to quickly and accurately identify English words. Additionally, watch a movie or TV show in your native language first to get the gist of the story, and then watch it in English.

    Ask your friends from your ESL class to meet for extra practice outside of class. Get together for a walk in the park or a study session in the library. Agree to only use English when speaking together during these times. You'll likely find that this helps you expand your vocabulary, and significantly improves your conversation and listening skills.

    Are you interested in polishing your English skills in Boston with the help of highly qualified ESL and iBT TOEFL prep educators? Explore the English programs available at ASC English by calling (617) 860-3212 or clicking through to our website.

    Debunking Myths About Standardized Test Taking

    Last updated 20 days ago

    If you are an ESL student studying for the iBT TOEFL exam, acquiring new vocabulary words, improving your conversation skills, and mastering the rules of grammar are certainly helpful. However, your iBT TOEFL prep teacher can also help you learn valuable strategies for acing this standardized test. While working with your TOEFL teacher, you may wish to ask about the following common myths regarding standardized testing.

    Myth: Students Should Take Notes While Reading Passages

    On the TOEFL exam and many other standardized tests, students are required to read passages and answer questions about them. The TOEFL exam includes three to four reading passages, with about 12 to 14 questions per passage. The reading passages cover a variety of topics. They are taken from university-level textbooks. Many students use test-taking strategies such as underlining information and taking notes about the passages as they read them. However, experts on standardized testing suggest that summarization is a more effective method of retaining information about the passages. In other words, students can read the passage first, and then summarize what it was about before answering the questions.

    Myth: Cramming is an Effective Studying Method

    For any type of standardized test, students often stay up late the night before the test to try to “cram.” However, it’s more important to get plenty of sleep the night before an exam. Instead, work with your TOEFL teacher to develop a long-term study schedule in the months preceding the exam.

    Myth: It’s Impossible to Correct a Poor Initial Score

    There’s a lot of pressure on students to achieve an excellent TOEFL score the first time they take the exam. However, it’s important to realize that students can actually retake the exam as many times as they want. Taking the test several times can help you achieve a high score.

    Students at ASC English work one-on-one with experienced iBT TOEFL prep teachers to learn effective test-taking strategies and achieve consistently high TOEFL scores. If you’re looking for a dynamic learning environment in the Boston area, call (617) 860-3212 for more information. You can also visit us on the Web to explore our English programs, including intensive ESL classes and supplemental skills courses.

    3 Tips for Mastering the TOEFL Exam

    Last updated 1 month ago

    There are countless ways to prepare for the iBT TOEFL exam. You should learn about the basic format of the test and what you can expect at the testing center, and you should take plenty of practice tests and develop sound test-taking strategies. The best way to thoroughly prepare for the TOEFL exam is to enroll in an iBT TOEFL prep class. Your ESL instructor may recommend the following tips for improving your score.

    Create a Study Plan

    The TOEFL exam covers a wide range of topics that you’ll need to master for a high score. It’s a good idea to create a study plan to allow you to thoroughly explore each section well ahead of the test. Expect to take at least a few months to prepare for the test. You may wish to spend a few consecutive weeks on each area of the test. Or, you may prefer to work on vocabulary on Mondays, grammar on Tuesdays, speaking on Wednesdays, and so on.

    Use a Variety of Study Materials

    When you enroll in an iBT TOEFL prep class, you’ll have access to plenty of classroom material to sharpen your English skills. You’re likely to use workbooks and other test prep books. However, you can complement your classwork by studying a variety of English-language materials. Listen to English-language TV shows, movies, and radio programs, for example. Read fiction books in English and peruse American newspapers.

    Plan to Retake the Test

    Many ESL students register for more than one TOEFL exam session. You may wish to view your first exam as a practice exam. This lets you become accustomed to the test-taking environment and the exam itself. When you subsequently retake the test, you’re likely to achieve higher scores.

    When you enroll in the iBT TOEFL classes at ASC English, you’ll work one-on-one with highly qualified ESL instructors to develop a test-taking strategy that works for you. Our unique approach to TOEFL prep and the personalized attention we give our ESL students enable them to achieve consistently high TOEFL scores. Call our English school in Boston today at (617) 860-3212 or visit our website to learn more.

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