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What Is the Format of the IELTS Test?

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS test, is a standardized test that measures the English skills of international students who are undergoing the university admissions process. If you’re enrolled in a language school or are taking private lessons from a tutor to learn English, your bilingual educator can help you begin preparing for the IELTS test. Use this guide to the format of the IELTS test to boost your English skills before the test.

Listening Section

The listening section evaluates your ability to understand the English language when it is spoken aloud. Your English skills will be tested using two spoken monologues and two spoken conversations. The section is thirty minutes long, and each piece will only be played one time.

Reading and Writing Sections

The reading section of the IELTS test is sixty minutes long and consists of forty questions. This section measures your English reading skills, and you will read several long texts and then answer questions about the texts’ meaning, tone, purpose, themes, arguments, and ideas. The writing section is also sixty minutes long, and evaluates the written English skills of international students who are applying for University admission. You will need to write one essay, and also answer short questions about different academic topics.

Speaking Section

The speaking section of the IELTS test is very brief, and consists of three parts. This part of the test is administered by an examiner and recorded. During the first part, the examiner will evaluate your oral English skills by asking you questions about yourself. Next, you’ll be asked to speak about a particular topic. During the third part, you will be asked questions about the previous topic.

If you’re in international student in Boston who wants to learn English or develop English skills in preparation for the IELTS test, come see us at ASC English School. Our experienced bilingual teachers can prepare you for the IELTS through intensive ESL classes or private tutoring. To learn more about our language school and ESL classes, call us today at (617) 860-3212.

Strategies for Preparing for the GRE

If you’re an international student beginning the university admissions process, your graduate program may require you to take the GRE. ESL students should sign up for GRE tutoring at their local English school to boost their English skills and prepare them for the test’s structure and format.

Watch this video for great tips on preparing for the GRE. An educator at an ESL school can provide you with practice GREs and GRE tutoring to ensure your success on the exam.

If you’re interested in GRE tutoring near Boston, come see us at ASC English School. We offer intensive ESL courses, private tutoring, and English skills classes for international students and other members of the ESL community. To enroll in GRE tutoring or ESL classes, call us today at (617) 860-3212.

Exploring the Format of the GMAT Test

If you’re an international student who needs to take the GMAT as part of the university admissions process, you may benefit from GMAT tutoring at your local English School. ESL educators will offer valuable practice on each of the four sections of the GMAT. Before starting the university admissions process, you should become familiar with these four sections of the GMAT, then sign up for GMAT tutoring at your ESL school.

Quantitative Section

This section evaluates your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It’s composed of 37 questions divided into two categories: data sufficiency, and problem solving. Data sufficiency questions provide you with two data statements, and you must determine if there’s enough data provided to successfully answer a question. Problem-solving questions are multiple choice, ask you to solve math problems by choosing the best of five possible answers.

Verbal Section

This section evaluates your English skills in writing, analyzing, and reading. It’s composed of 41 questions divided into three categories: critical reasoning, sentence correction, and reading comprehension. For critical reasoning, you’ll analyze, evaluate, and respond to brief arguments. Sentence correction questions are multiple choice, and ask you to correct a sentence by choosing the best of five possible answers. For reading comprehension, you’ll read passages related to business or science, then answer several questions about its theme, structure, and tone.

Integrated Reasoning Section

The integrated reasoning section contains four multi-step questions that measure your ability to evaluate information from different sources and in different formats.

Analytical Writing Section

In the analytical writing section, you’ll be presented with a brief argument. You’ll need to write an essay that discusses the structure and persuasiveness of the argument. Rather than giving your opinion, you’ll need to craft an unbiased critique of the argument.

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Refining Your English Language Skills at ASC English

If you’re an international student preparing for the university admissions process, or an ESL student who needs to learn English and develop strong English skills for the workplace, our talented and experienced educators at ASC English School can help. Our teachers offer intensive ESL classes, private lessons and private tutoring, English skills classes, TOEFL prep, and GMAT and GRE Tutoring.

We offer ESL classes for students at a variety of English skill levels. Each of our ESL classes is customizable to meet your individual needs, with the goal of enhancing your English skills and helping you learn English as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Refining your English skills in one of our ESL courses at ASC English will improve your social and professional relationships, provide you with more job opportunities, and allow you to begin the university admissions process.

To find how we can help you learn English near Boston, contact one of our ESL educators today. We can enroll you in an intensive ESL course, or set you up with a private tutor. To begin refining your English skills in one of our ESL classes, call us today at (617) 860-3212.

Test-Takers' Questions About the TOEFL

International students are often required to pass the TOEFL exam in order to gain university admission. The TOEFL evaluates international students’ English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. As part of your TOEFL prep, you should enroll in ESL classes at an English school to learn English and boost your English skills. Here are answers to some common questions that international students have about the TOEFL.

What is the Difference Between the TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT?

The TOEFL iBT is administered online at official TOEFL testing sites. The TOEFL iBT evaluates an international student’s English skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. It is administered more than 50 times per year. The TOEFL PBT is administered in person at official TOEFL testing sites, in areas where TOEFL iBT isn’t available. The TOEFL PBT evaluates an international student’s English skills in reading, listening, grammar and writing.

Which University Admissions Departments Accept TOEFL Scores?

Each university admissions department has its own regulations and requirements regarding TOEFL scores. Some require international students to receive a certain TOEFL score before allowing university admission. Others don’t require international students to take the test. Over 9,000 universities, colleges, and agencies in 130 different countries accept TOEFL scores. TOEFL scores can also satisfy student visa requirements in Australia and the U.K.

Why is TOEFL Prep is Necessary for Success?

The TOEFL is a comprehensive measure of an international student’s English skills. The test will seem difficult to anyone who has not completely learned English. A TOEFL prep course at your local English school or language school will provide you with valuable practice tests, feedback about how you can improve your English skills, and the advice and guidance of an ESL educator who is experienced with the TOEFL format.

At ASC English School, we offer affordable, extensive TOEFL prep in Boston for international students and ESL students. Our ESL teachers will help you improve your English skills and succeed on the TOEFL and in the university admissions process. To sign up for a TOEFL prep course, call us today at (617) 860-3212.

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