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TOEFL Preparation Made Easy

There is no question that achieving a high score on the iBT TOEFL exam takes a lot of hard work. Successful test takers prepare well in advance for the exam, creating a months-long studying schedule that covers all of the sections on the TOEFL. In addition to giving yourself plenty of time to prepare, you can make your preparation interactive. Ask your fellow students at your ESL school if they would like to form a study group with you. You might also consider signing up for private tutoring sessions at your English school.

Focus on Academic English

TOEFL scores are primarily used to assess an international student’s English skills for the purpose of admittance to a university or college. Studying a wide range of materials in English—such as subtitled TV shows and radio programs—will help you prepare. However, it’s also a good idea to focus on improving your academic English skills. Go to a university library and practice reading research papers, scientific journals, and textbooks. Even if you do not have background knowledge of a particular subject, it may help you become familiar with academic English.

Take Practice Tests

Taking timed practice tests is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the TOEFL exam. It’s equally important to carefully review your answers afterward. After you score your test with the answer key, review the questions you answered incorrectly. If you’re still unsure about a particular question, you can ask a private tutor at your English school for help.

Practicing for the Listening Section

Many international students practice for the listening section of the test by playing a CD or audiobook over and over again. However, you should bear in mind that you’ll only be able to hear a particular passage once. Try playing an audiobook for a few minutes at a time. Then, pause the story and try to summarize the main points of what you just heard.

International students at ASC English raise their scores by 15 to 30 points on average after they take our iBT TOEFL prep courses. Our gifted instructors teach valuable English skills in Boston, including test-taking strategies that can help you master the TOEFL exam. To contact our English school about our TOEFL prep or ESL courses, call (617) 505-4573.

Practice Your Party Conversational Skills with This ESL Lesson

When you travel to America to attend an English school, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your English skills, such as when you attend parties with your classmates. Before heading to a party, watch this video for some sample conversational phrases.

This video covers common phrases such as, “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name,” and “How do you know each other?” The speaker provides clear enunciations and gives plenty of time after each phrase to allow viewers to practice speaking the sentences. As you watch, make a note of the informal language uses. For example, “I didn’t catch your name,” isn’t intended to be taken literally. Rather, it means that the speaker didn’t hear your name. Likewise, “That’s really neat!” doesn’t always mean that something is well organized. Rather, it’s a positive response that expresses admiration for something.

In addition to our courses for iBT TOEFL prep in Boston, ASC English offers skills classes to international students who wish to study specialized areas such as idioms and expressions. For more information on our skills classes, visit our website or call our English school at (617) 505-4573.

How to Select an ESL Program

ESL classes are essential for students who wish to become fluent in English, achieve high scores on the TOEFL exam, enter an American university, or seek employment with an American company. Many international students choose an English school in the U.S. because it offers them an immersive experience they won’t find anywhere else. When choosing an ESL school, consider the following factors.

ESL Program Boston - ASC English

Assess the School’s Programs

The programs the ESL school offers will play an important role in your decision. Ideally, you should choose a language school that offers a comprehensive menu of classes, rather than just ESL classes. For example, you may need to take iBT TOEFL prep classes in addition to intensive ESL programs. You can benefit from complementary classes, such as skills classes that focus on specific topics like grammar, business English, essay writing, and listening practice. To help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, you might want a school that also offers private tutoring.

Evaluate Whether Other Services are Available

Some ESL schools may offer additional services to their students. For example, some schools might connect you with a reputable home stay service, which places you in the home of an American family for the duration of your studies. If you plan to use your English skills to gain admittance to an American university or college, you might prefer an English school that has established partnerships with local academic institutes. These partnerships may allow you to apply to a college, even if you haven’t yet taken the TOEFL exam.

Consider Student Life at the School

Traveling to another country to study English can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s important to choose a school that supports their students both in and out of the classroom. You might prefer to choose an ESL school that offers planned activities, such as day trips to area attractions to have fun with your fellow students.

ASC English offers a close-knit, dynamic learning community to international students who would like to learn English near Boston. At our English school, you’ll find a full calendar of programs, including our intensive ESL classes, TOEFL prep, and private lessons, along with our many outings in the Boston area. Give us a call at (617) 505-4573 for enrollment information and browse our website to learn more about us.

Reasons to Consider Private Lessons

ASC English, a language school in Boston, is committed to helping our international students achieve top TOEFL scores and reach other English language goals. To that end, we offer private lessons in addition to our regular ESL classes and skills classes. Our private lessons are appropriate for students of all ESL class levels, those who are preparing for the TOEFL exam, and those who wish to raise their GRE and GMAT scores for graduate school admission. We also offer private tutoring in mathematics.

Private lessons at ASC English are a great opportunity to work one-on-one with our tutors to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your English skills. During your tutoring session, you’ll work through timed exercises, take real practice tests, and receive intensive lessons personalized to your needs. Our tutors will carefully review test questions with you, and help you learn how to recognize “trick” questions and use good test-taking strategies.

The private tutoring program at our English school is intended to complement our intensive ESL and TOEFL prep course schedule. To find out more, call ASC English at (617) 505-4573.

Which of Our University Partnership Schools Is Right for You?

To better serve the needs of our college-bound students, ASC English is proud to offer numerous university partnerships in Boston. Our agreements with some of the top two-year and four-year schools in the area enables our international students to apply for admission without submitting a TOEFL score, provided they have completed a certain level of coursework at our English school. Consider your career aspirations to help you decide which of our university partnership schools is right for you.

Cambridge College

Many international students choose to apply to Cambridge College because of its welcoming atmosphere and diverse student body. This school offers a wide range of academic degree programs, including bachelor’s degree programs in early childhood education, managerial accounting, and psychology. Cambridge College offers flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend classes, along with on-campus and online classes, making it an ideal school for students who work or continue to attend ESL classes.

Lesley University

If you’re looking for a school that encourages close collaboration between students and faculty, along with a focus on experiential learning, Lesley University might be right for you. This school is well known for its high-quality teacher preparation programs. It also offers innovative programs such as Expressive Arts Therapies, Urban Environmental Leadership, and Integrated Teaching Through the Arts.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

SNHU welcomes a diverse student body comprised of international students from over 65 countries. Additionally, many of its faculty members have lived abroad. SNHU strives to make it as easy as possible for international students to apply. The school does not have application deadlines or application fees. Students can choose from more than 100 undergraduate degree programs, including programs in accounting, computer information technology, culinary arts, and geosciences, just to name a few.

For a complete list of our university partnerships, visit our website or call (617) 505-4573. ASC English is committed to helping our students develop exceptional English skills for academic, business, and personal use. Our English school provides a comprehensive immersion experience for international students, combining activities in the Boston area with intensive, results-driven English courses.

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