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Surprising Ways Learning a Second Language Can Change Your Life

Language shapes the way you view, interact, and think about the world around you. Although leaning a new language takes time and dedication, accomplishing this goal offers many versatile and long-lasting rewards. Whether you want to learn English to pursue a career or further your education, you’ll also gain several surprising benefits you may never have considered.

Bilingual Individuals Are Less Stressed

Studies have found that bilingual people experience less stress, anxiety, loneliness, and low self-esteem than people who know only one language. Researchers believe this may be due to improved confidence in communication skills, as well as an increased ability to find verbal solutions to the problems or stressors encountered in everyday life.

Language Leads to a Healthy Brain

Learning English as a second language can lead to a healthier brain later in life. Medical research has shown that one of the best ways to stave off dementia and other negative cognitive changes in the brain is to learn a second language. In fact, learning a second language is much more effective in preventing several types of dementia than even the best medications currently targeted toward dementia care.

Language Skills Improve Math Skills

Although the language and math centers of the brain may not seem connected, studies indicate attending language school can also improve your scores in mathematics and science. This connection is believed to exist because learning a language teaches you to think in a critical and structured way, which in turn helps you to comprehend and remember new math skills more easily.

Attending language school in Boston is a smart step toward greater financial, social, and personal success. At ASC English, our ESL classes are focused on the TOEFL prep you need to master your command of the English language. You can find out more about our ESL school and university partnerships when you visit us online or call (617) 860-3212.

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