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IELTS Reading Tips

If you’re planning on moving to a new country or entering an English-speaking university, your language school may advise taking the IELTS. This test is an assessment of four important skills to have when you learn English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Watch this video to learn some helpful tips for the reading section of the IELTS. For example, be sure to check the word limit for each completion task. The fill-in-the-blank section may have a word limit of one, two, or up to three words per question.

Are you considering taking the IELTS or enrolling in ESL classes to learn English? Call ASC English at (617) 860-3212. We have two convenient English schools serving Boston and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Tips to Increase Your Knowledge of English Words

Advancing your knowledge of the English language can be a fulfilling achievement. It can open multiple doors, including new job opportunities and advanced schooling. Taking ESL classes at your local English school can give you the tools needed to excel. You might also consider taking a TOEFL prep course to prepare you for studying English at the university level. These tips can help you increase your knowledge of the English language.

ESL Classes

English as a second language classes, or ESL classes, are essential for non-native English speakers. These classes can help prepare international students entering U.S. schools and those planning to move to an English-speaking country. They can enhance written and verbal skills in the English language, as well as improve your knowledge for day-to-day interactions.

TOEFL Preparation

Most U.S. universities require international students to pass the TOEFL iBT test. This test might also be needed to obtain a visa in certain countries and teach English in non-English speaking countries. The TOEFL test is an online assessment that uses your newfound English skills and applies to them to a variety of tasks. It assesses how well you can apply listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills to different academic exercises. Check your local language school for TOEFL prep courses and test administration dates.

Boosting Your Vocabulary

Once you’ve reached your education goals, you’ll want to put what you’ve learned into practice. Helpful tips for maintaining and improving your new and enhanced vocabulary include flash cards, quizzing with a partner, and, of course, everyday use in conversation. You might also consider private tutoring to continue your education. These tips and more can be applied on your road to learning English and other academic endeavors.

ASC English is committed to providing intensive ESL and TOEFL courses at the lowest cost. We’re pleased to help you reach your goals and ambitions at two locations. Call us at (617) 860-3212 to learn more about our ESL classes in Boston.

Different Approaches for Learning English

You’ve decided to extend your knowledge and learn English, but where should you start? There are many successful approaches to learning English, each offering its own benefits that are best for certain students. Studies have shown that a few different ways are best for learning English no matter what your background is or how much experience you have. From total immersion programs to dual learning, there might be several options available at your local English school.

Total Immersion

Immersion programs require students to learn in an English-only speaking classroom. No matter which language or languages the students speak, the teacher responds and teaches strictly in English. Studies have shown that total immersion can enhance the student’s proficiency in their native language, learning through word association and similarities. Other benefits include higher levels of comprehension and more confidence when speaking in the non-native language.

Dual Learning

Dual language learning, or bilingual learning, is a program in which English is taught alongside the class’ native language. The bilingual teacher will know both English and the native language to better assist his or her students. Dual learning has been found to be most beneficial for early-age learners as they are still learning how to speak and write correctly in their own language. Benefits of dual learning include a steady advancement of both languages, better working memory, and higher overall cognitive function. Both dual learning and total immersion approaches to English language learning have many merits, and each provide extensive opportunities to continuing your education in universities and working in English-speaking countries. Contact your local English school to learn more about the various options they provide.

At ASC English we are devoted to providing you with the best options available to help you learn English near Boston. We have two convenient locations serving Boston and look forward to helping you further your education with ESL classes. Call us at (617) 860-3212 to learn about the different programs we offer.

How ASC Can Help You

Learning English as a second language can be challenging without the right support. ASC English offers six levels of intensive ESL classes to ensure you receive instruction at exactly the level you need, whether you are a complete beginner or have already begun to build your English skills. Our customized classes cover writing, reading, grammar, listening, and speaking skills for a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the English language. ASC English’s classes also focus on practical and real-world English applications, as well as targeted preparation for your TOEFL exam. We aim to meet each student’s needs as an individual to provide the best education possible; our English school also offers private tutoring for the assistance or added practice you need to reach your ultimate goals.

At ASC English, our English school staff has the experience and training needed to help you learn English effectively and quickly. Our ESL classes in Boston are designed to give you the strong foundation in both written and verbal communication that you need to build your English skills. You can find out more about our intensive ESL courses when you visit us on the web or call (617) 860-3212.

Practice Your English for the TOEFL Exam

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL exam, is designed to measure an individual’s proficiency in the English language. During this timed exam, you will be asked to answer a series of multiple-choice questions to demonstrate your understanding of English and its rules. This video features interactive flash cards designed to help you improve your English vocabulary and use more colorful language. You will learn how to ensure that the subject and verb in a sentence agree, as well as several new and useful adjectives to improve the clarity of your communication.

ASC English offers ESL classes and TOEFL prep near Boston. If you’re looking to learn English as a beginner or brush up on your skills before your TOEFL exam, please give us a call at (617) 860-3212 or click through our comprehensive website today for more information about our language school.

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