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How to Learn More English Vocabulary Each Day

Is your English vocabulary not as extensive as you would like? This video explains how you can increase your vocabulary while visiting a foreign country or taking English classes.

A small notepad is an essential tool for learning the English language. You can easily carry a notepad in your pocket, purse, or schoolbag. When sitting in on an ESL class, write down every word you want to learn. After class, you can review all the new words and make them a permanent part of your English vocabulary.

ASC English School can help you quickly learn and speak the English language. For more information on our ESL classes for students in the greater Boston area, call (617) 274-8102.

ASC Voice: Little Sprouts

By Hussa

Little Sprouts is a network of early education centers in and around Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire. They offer more than simply day care; they have a literacy-based, individualized, developmentally-appropriate education for each child. 

three little girls and female teacher in kindergarten

Their website says: "Little Sprouts was founded in 1982 when a group of budding humanitarians became committed to changing the world through the power of literacy. Little Sprouts' families loved the nurturing and safe atmosphere, combined with the emphasis on literacy, diversity and laughter, and we knew we were onto something big. Word spread quickly and new locations began sprouting up to meet the growing demand. Today, Little Sprouts serves over 1,000 families at 17 locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire-and is still growing!"

64% of the kindergarten graduates score in the 'Above Average' range in reading proficiency, as compared to 14% of other preschools and 11% of Massachusetts third graders!

Every Little Sprouts location maintains its focus on making a BIG difference in the lives of the children and families it serves. They create a supportive, nurturing, safe environment to ensure that you always feel confident in your child's safety, happiness, and well-being. At the same time, they are helping your child build and develop literacy skills across a breadth of areas: reading, math, social and emotional literacy, science, health and physical wellness, and the arts.

The ASC Voice is a newsletter comprised of wonderful articles that are written by our hardworking ASC students. 

At ASC English School, we offer full-time or part-time classes in addition to private tutoring and a homestays program. Contact our Boston English program today at (617) 274-8102. You can also visit our website to learn more about our ESL classes and TOEFL preparation.

ASC Voice: Unseen in Thailand

By Bever, Level 4

How much do you know about Thailand? Many people from all over the world want to travel in Southeast Asia. Travel & Leisure magazine wrote that between 2002-2011, 14.6 million travelers visited. Thailand. Most people know about famous food, beach, temple but in Thailand has more something you never know that before. 

long boat on island in Thailand

Most travelers like to take a rest near a beach. Thailand has a lot of popular beaches but foreigners only know some of them. The first place I want to recommend is Patong beach, a beautiful beach on Phuket Island that most foreigners don't know about.The special in this place is you can dive to watch Coral and animal underwater. You can make a little party and enjoy with your friends. You can eat diner seafood under candle underneath. Another place is Phu Kradung National Park in Loei province. National Park in Loei province is one of the most famous national parks in Thailand. Phu comes from the Thai word Phukao, meaning mountain. There are eight resting places to rest on the way up. At each there are several vendors selling food and drinks, and some provide toilet facilities and medical services as well. I suggest you to get there but you should to get there with your boyfriend or girlfriend for honeymoon, because it can make you feel romantic.

Most of the time, when people going to Thailand, first thing they'll think about spicy food. Many Thai people likely to eat spicy food because it makes you feel hot and thirsty. After that you drink a lot of water that is good for your healthy. That's a part of benefit in Thai food. A lot of ingredients in Thai food are herb such as peppermint, real basil, and ginger. If you have a chance to go there, I want to suggest you try to eat special menu that is "Tom Yum Goong". It is kind of spicy Thai soup. But if you can't eat spicy, you have to tell them before. Because Thai people always eat spicy food. Every meal they always eat rice with main food. I can't describe how was delicious but you have to try by yourself. Another food is "Pad Thai", I think everyone knew about this but I can tell you that it is different taste from in the US. Because material or ingredient is might not be the same.

Many people like to go to Thailand on April because there is summertime and it does seem to be really very hot. On this month, Thai people have a long vacation that we called "Songkran's Day". It is start on 12, 13, 14, and 15th. Those days most people would love to splash water to another people. You will see someone like to use water gun and see the very expression of the countenance of fun. Somebody will take the perfumes & flour mixture then painted on face another person. Although every April is very hot but they have really fun on this month.

Many Thai people lovely to focus on their family. Every weekend some family go to temple or get to somewhere together. On December 5th every year is King's birthday or Thai people called "Father's day". People of Thailand have jointly celebrate the birthday and Father's Day as well. A lot of people likely to say "I love you" to their father. Those day if you go to restaurant with your father, maybe you will get 10% for discount. However father's day, they lovely to remind to our father or king what is make his people happy.      

Thailand has a lot of thing amazing to make you feel wonderful. Although Thailand is developing country and we have a lot of poor people but I believed that every people can smile when you talk with them. If you want to travel in this country, you should learn their culture before you get there. Maybe you don't want to believe me but that's not important. Finally, if you have a chance to go there, you should to try by yourself and you will say I love Thailand. 

The ASC Voice is a newsletter comprised of wonderful articles that are written by our hardworking ASC students. 

To acquire the English language skills you need to converse with native speakers, pass the TOEFL, and succeed in an English-speaking university, enroll in classes at ASC English School in Boston. Call us at (617) 274-8102 to learn more about our programs.

Fun and Creative Ways to Practice Speaking English

The word English

Quality ESL classes are essential for serious students who want to improve their English language skills, but to truly learn how to use the language like a native speaker, you must practice outside of the classroom as well. Natural, fluid conversation does not come without hard work and dedication. If you are looking for fun, interesting ways to improve your English, try these activities:

Take a Museum Tour

The city of Boston is home to many world-class museums. Most of the institutions offer guided tours for free, or for only a few dollars more than the entrance fee. Take a tour, and ask your guide questions when you don’t understand something he or she has said. This will allow you to practice your speaking and listening, and you can also learn interesting facts about art, history, and science depending on which museum you visit.

Enroll in a Non-Language Class

Once you have some basic proficiency in English, one way to improve your command of the language is to enroll in a class that teaches a skill. For example, you may wish to take a cooking class, a dance class, a pottery class, or a painting class. In order to succeed, you will have to ask questions, speak to your fellow students, and understand what your teacher is saying. Taking a non-language class taught in English will help you practice all your language skills.

Explore Local Night Life

In local restaurants, pubs, bars, and nightclubs you can meet Boston locals and people from many different parts of the United States. By simply introducing yourself to strangers, asking them a bit about their lives and interests, and telling them a bit about yourself, you will gain valuable real-world practice with English, and perhaps even make a new friend in the process.

To acquire the English language skills you need to converse with native speakers, pass the TOEFL, and succeed in an English-speaking university, enroll in classes at ASC English School in Boston. Call us at (617) 274-8102 to learn more about our programs.

What Is the TOEFL?

Customer service satisfaction survey or exam multiple choice

Globally, millions of people have taken the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test. The TOEFL exam measures your ability to speak, read, and write in English at the university level. The TOEFL in a paper-based format (PBT) is gradually being phased out; many ESL students prefer to take the TOEFL iBT test, which is administered online. Here’s an overview of the test and how you can successfully navigate the process of taking it and sending out your scores.

Is the TOEFL Right for You?

The TOEFL exam is ideal for anyone who wishes to demonstrate his or her proficiency in English. This typically describes students who wish to apply to universities in the U.S., those who want to apply for visas, and those who are pursuing scholarships or certifications. You can also use the exam as a means to evaluate your progress as an ESL student.

What Sections Are in the TOEFL?

You can expect the total test to take about four and a half hours to finish. The test is broken down into sections. The reading section has a time limit of 60 to 80 minutes and the listening section has a time limit of 60 to 90 minutes. The test also offers a 10-minute break, followed by shorter sections for speaking and writing. Certain tasks on the test require you to combine skills. For example, you might read a question, listen to the question, and then speak your answer. Improve your score by carefully following all directions.

How Can You Prepare for the TOEFL?

The best way to prepare for the exam is to take ESL classes. Your teacher will help you learn the skills you need to become proficient in English. He or she can also give you guidance on acing the exam. To complement your classwork, you might wish to use supplemental workbooks.

How Can You Send Score Reports?

When you register for the exam, you can choose four destinations for your scores. You can send your scores to more institutions for additional fees. Log in to your online TOEFL account for options for sending your scores.

Start building your English language skills today by registering for ESL classes. Contact ASC English School in Boston at (617) 274-8102 to learn more. We offer two convenient locations near major colleges in the city.

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