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A Look at the Reasons to Learn English as a Second Language

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People often take ESL classes because they wish to enroll in an American university. But ESL classes aren’t just for university-bound students; they can benefit a wide range of people. Whether you wish to begin learning English or brush up on your existing language skills, ESL classes are a great way to get ahead in life. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of English proficiency:


English isn’t just for those who live in England and the U.S.; it is spoken as a native language in 104 countries worldwide. With at least 341 million speakers of English in the world, learning this language can facilitate communication practically anywhere you travel. Furthermore, English is an official language of numerous international organizations, including the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union. Whether you choose to stay in the U.S. or travel abroad, English proficiency will greatly benefit your communication ability.

Career Path

If you wish to work for a company based in the U.S., you’ll likely need to speak English fluently. By taking ESL classes, you can expand your career opportunities. You’re also opening doors for yourself around the world, as many international companies prefer or require that their employees speak English.

Cultural Influence

There is no question that the English language has had a significant impact on global cultures. Around the world, people enjoy English-language books, movies, and music. When you take ESL classes, you’ll be able to listen or watch your favorite media in English and follow along.


English programs offer a range of options for ESL students. In addition to TOEFL preparation classes, some programs offer private tutoring and the option to choose full-time or part-time schedules. This makes it very convenient to learn English.

At ASC English School, we offer full-time or part-time classes in addition to private tutoring and a homestays program. Contact our Boston English program today at (617) 274-8102. You can also visit our website to learn more about our ESL classes and TOEFL preparation.

Reasons to Take a TOEFL Prep Course

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While it might be tempting to brush up on your English language skills on your own before taking the TOEFL exam, the best way to get a great score is to take a TOEFL prep course. When you take a prep course, you’ll have access to a highly trained teacher who can discuss your strengths, point out areas that need improvement, and offer advice. Your ESL teacher can guide you through the sections of the test and how to pass each of them. In addition to the intensive one-on-one attention, you’ll also have access to a group of fellow students. Learning English requires a great deal of practice, and conversing with fellow students in English will help build your language skills.

At ASC English School, we pride ourselves on our highly trained teachers and curriculum developers. On average, a student who takes our TOEFL prep course can raise his or her score by 15 to 30 points. Call our Boston location today at (617) 274-8102 to enroll in a program.

ASC English is Changing Our Attendance Policy

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As of April 29, 2013, attendance at ASC English will be taken by your instructors in the classroom. They will mark you Present, Absent (after 20 minutes of class), or Late (10 - 20 minutes after class begins) in the class binders. Your attendance hours will be counted based on your attendance in your class. 

We have always used the binders in the past, but now we will count your attendance only with this system.  Your attendance will be more accurate this way.

As always, students with F-1 visas need to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance in their classes.

We will no longer be using the tap in/tap out system at the front desks, but you can keep your student id card to get discounts on museums, movies, and other cultural events in Boston.  

If you have any questions about your attendance, please come speak with staff at the front desk. We will be happy to review our system.

Thank you for your help in making our attendance system stronger and more accurate.

TOEFL Test Taking Tips

On the TOEFL exam, you’ll complete tasks that integrate two or more skills, such as reading, listening, and speaking. You’ll read a short passage, listen to a speaker, and then voice your own response. It’s a good idea to take short notes while navigating these sections. For instance, while you’re listening to the speaker, try to determine whether he or she is agreeing or disagreeing with the passage. This can help you structure your spoken response.

For more tips on navigating the integrated sections of the TOEFL, watch this video. The instructor in this video also discusses how the skills learned for the TOEFL can assist students in their academic careers.

Register for ESL class in Boston today. Call ASC English School at (617) 274-8102 to ask about TOEFL iBT preparation class and how it can benefit you.

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