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ASC English Attends NAFSA Advocacy Day Part 2

Our ASC English President, Carl Nelson, had the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Advocacy Day. Below Carl shares his experiences from this day.

I flew down to Washington DC on Tuesday March 12th and on that day, NAFSA members selected met with NAFSA staff to discuss the Federal Legislation process, how to approach senators and congressmen/women, how to craft an approach that would get our information across effectively in a short amount of time (usually you get about 15 minutes with an elected official or their staff).  MA was the most represented state with 19 NAFSA members there – NY was 2nd with 18 – and we were divided into teams to approach our representatives.  We met with our teams to continue work on our strategy and polishing our approaches.


On Wednesday March 13th, we met again at a breakfast meeting starting at 6:30 to continue our discussions.  By 8:00 AM we all left to go to Capitol Hill.  I was in a group that met first with Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Our meeting was originally going to be in her office but was changed to the Capital Hill Visitors’ Center as Senator Warren had a number of constituents coming to see her that day and decided to do a  “meet and greet” with the group.  We met with a staff member and many of us rookies had our first opportunity to talk about issues with elected officials and their staff.  We had a larger group for this meeting and even so I was able to share stories of how many students who want to study at ASC have difficulty securing student visas even if they follow the rules and regulations for no apparent reason.  I discussed how these students still succeeded, got their education at ASC and then college and earned advanced degrees.  The US is a country of immigrants and we need to reform our laws to make it easier for foreign citizens that we want to come here to be able to – and to choose to be citizens if that is their desire.  

After meeting with the staffer, we went into the main room where Senator Warren was talking with people from MA who had come down to meet with her.  We had a group photo and then she spoke to us to let us know that she completely supports NAFSA initiatives.  She will support them whenever they come up in the senate.  Senator Warren is very good in person and was passionate in her support – she also wanted us to make sure that we brought back to NAFSA how important it is that their members across the country approach their representatives to support NAFSA initiatives.  Too many representatives these days are saying “no” to anything because it comes from a member of a different party.  Good government is more than saying NO – it is about finding ways to say YES to what is best for the United States.  I was very impressed with Senator Warren and though she was just elected feel that she will be an excellent senator and represent MA proudly.


Two other NAFSA members and me met with Congressman Mike Capuano’s staff and discussed the issues and again met with support.  We were told that the atmosphere in DC is actually better than it has been in some time for immigration reform.  They are more hopeful for legislation to be introduced and passed this year than any other recent year. 

Finally, my team met with my Congressman, Bill Keating.  While we were expecting to meet with staff members, Bill Keating met with us along with his chief of staff.  NAFSA had set up the appointments and informed the offices of who would be coming.  Congressman Keating likes to meet anyone from his district when they come and took time out of his schedule to meet with me.  I was surprised and appreciative.  Congressman Keating is also supportive of the NAFSA agenda and will support bills that come up for discussion and vote. 

After these meetings our NAFSA cohort met back at the DuPont Circle Hotel for lunch and a debriefing session. From there, we all said our farewells and went home.

I had never before been involved in any advocacy before.  I have to say that I really liked it.   It was really cool to be part of democracy at its basic component and talking with my elected officials about legislation that I really believe in and want to see passed.  I was invited back by NAFSA and will absolutely do this again.  I am interested in seeing other ways I can be involved.  It sparked in me a strong desire to be part of such efforts to make the US a better place by passing legislation that increases opportunity for US citizens to have international experiences and for the best and brightest international students to come study, work and perhaps immigrate to the US. 

ASC English School's College Fair for International Students

ASC English

ASC English School's College Fair for International Students is a great opportunity for potential students to learn about the different undergraduate and graduate degree programs available in the Boston area. Representatives from each school will be on hand to distribute informational brochures, catalogues, and to answer any questions related to programs of study and the application process.

When: Wednesday, April 3 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Where: Downtown ASC's Ballroom (6th floor), 65 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA

Schools Attending:

  • UMass Boston
  • Lasell College
  • Cambridge College
  • Massasoit Community College
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Quincy College
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Mass Bay Community College

For more information ASC English's College Fair for International Students or our English programs, visit our website or give us a call at (617) 274-8102.

ASC English Attends NAFSA Advocacy Day Part 1


National Association of Foreign Student Advisors is the largest organization for professionals who work with international students. This organization covers colleges, universities, Intensive English Programs, immigration law firms, study abroad programs and insurance companies, to name a few of its constituents. 

NAFSA promotes legislation to increase students coming from foreign countries to study in the US, to increase the number of students that study abroad, and legislation that promotes common sense immigration processes that make it easier for students to come to study in the US, for foreign professionals to work and teach in the US and for both groups to have a clear path to residency and citizenship if they so desire.  Advocacy day is a day that NAFSA invites a limited number of members from its constituencies to come to DC and participate in its grassroots movement. 

This year 125 NAFSA members converged on Washington DC to meet with Senators and Congress members from their states to get the message across about NAFSA members’ priorities for legislation this 2013 Congress. As ASC English is involved in bringing International students to the US and then helping them enter US colleges and universities, one of ASC’s priorities is to support immigration policy reform.

Our ASC English President, Carl Nelson, had the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Advocacy Day. This was an honor for ASC and we look forward to sharing our experience with you in a future post.  

Another Great Example of Active Learning in our Classrooms!

In one of our Intermediate Grammar Skills class, students were working on sentences using gerunds as subjects. The students asked each other questions like "which is better, coming to class or sleeping in". They tallied everyone's answer as a class poll. Everyone had a blast!

active learning

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