ASC English School

Prominent provider of English as a 2nd Language (ESL) and iBT TOEFL Instruction. We have two locations near downtown Boston and several major colleges.

University Partnerships

Learning English as a second language can open up a big world of opportunities in both academic and professional worlds, and it is essential for completing your studies at American universities and community colleges. If you are considering a higher education program in the United States, ASC English can help you build valuable English speaking skills with intensive ESL programs and partnerships with a number of excellent Boston-area schools to assist in your enrollment. Many of our students are college-bound individuals, so we understand the unique needs of students studying English for academic success. Plus, we have a great reputation among Boston institutions of higher learning with a proven track record of students who are prepared to thrive speaking English in the classroom.

Learning English for University Acceptance

Traditionally, colleges will require a TOEFL score for admissions when non-native English speakers apply. With ASC, however, you can forego the TOEFL exam with the completion of our ESL programs. Here’s a closer look at the skills you will learn in these multi-tiered courses.

  • Basics of English – Our lower-level ESL courses focus on the fundamentals of the English language with an emphasis on conversational English. These foundational courses will lay the groundwork for more technical, academic use of English in later classes and let ESL learners practice their skills in everyday contexts.
  • Speaking English in an Academic Setting – We provide an accelerated path for our college-bound students with an emphasis on academic English in our higher-level courses. Students who enter ASC with intermediate to high level English skills but are not quite prepared for immersion in the college environment may choose concurrent enrollment to refine English skills for the classroom with part-time university enrollment. This is a unique benefit of taking ESL courses with ASC, since we have formed partnerships with local schools.

Partner Schools in the Boston Area

Boston is internationally recognized as a strongly academic town as home to some of the nation’s leading universities and private colleges. ASC has taken advantage of its position among these schools by creating partnerships that allow for a TOEFL waiver upon completion of our coursework. Level 4 ESL completion is sufficient for enrollment at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Quincy College, and Middlesex Community College. Level 5 and 6 course completion can allow you to waive TOEFL scores for admission to Northeastern University, Cambridge College, and Southern New Hampshire University among other schools. To discover all the benefits of studying English at ASC, call us at (617) 860-3212 for enrollment information.


Hours of Operation

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